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  2. Yay! This is still my favorite world, too. I have a Sands of Time surprise coming for Explorers that I hope works out really nicely.
  3. I started playing right after The Sands of Time was introduced in WoW2 and it is still my favorite world. The Wheel of Time, The Pools of Life, The Cave of Wonders, and of course growing multipliers underneath my opponents' letters with Rain and then destroying them… puts a smile on my face.
  4. There are some boards on the Call to Adventure that I really like, especially when I bring winter actions into it. But I agree, the Winter World is my favorite too.
  5. I started playing all worlds at the same time and while all the worlds are fun, I enjoy the Winter games the most. I love the scenery and action. Least favorite is Call to Adventure.
  6. That’s dependent upon the board and which achievement I’m going after. Rain and coins are easy point gainers.
  7. Whirlwind, rain, bomb, sand storm, extra turn. I used to use the blasters on WOW2.
  8. I have favorite boards in 3 of the four worlds. I really don’t care for the call to adventure world, and play mostly in either sands or winter. Ive been patiently waiting for the deforestation board so very excited about that one!
  9. I wish i had a strategy! Lol, i would play so much better!
  10. I like them all for different reasons. I choose actions and talents that will work on most boards then choose random boards. That may change when the new world starts because different actions and talents might not work the same
  11. Bombs snow rain lightning snowflakes rewind and multi turn. I think that’s it.
  12. Since I’ve been playing since War of Words one, I opt for The Depth of Winter because it’s the newest world. I’m enjoying the change of scenery, new action aspects, and new achievements.
  13. Which combinations of action tile do you find the best to help you win your way through the wordy adventures in the World of Words?
  14. We all have our own unique Strategy to rack of the points as we travel through the World of Words. Which are yours?
  15. What is your Favorite WOW World and why?
  16. Welcome! World of Words is the next game in the Words Universe. Featuring a redesigned user experience, a totally remastered intro world (The Call to Adventure) and a brand new fourth world (The Depths of Winter), World of Words is the world's first massively multiplayer word role playing game! Please feel free to use this forum to give us your feedback on the game, share strategy, challenge opponents, and make new friends! Enjoy!
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