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  2. I am playing a game with another Level23 player on the Secret Garden board. I played lanterns at turns 10 and 20 and have not had another since but my rack has quite a lot of action tiles so I am not surprised. My opponent played a lantern at turn 9. Snow was played at turn 36. I was about to play all but one of the tiles in my rack which includes a power surge when I realised I couldn’t see any evidence on the board of any lanterns having been played. Turn 1: Player 1 1/5/2021 5:57:04 PM UTC Tiles Played: Bomb pat1122 revealed a lawn sprinkler! pat1122 revealed a lawn s
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  4. If they are on ice, whirlpools, just like letters, belong to the player whose turn it is, not the person who played them. So the "Going Swimming" talent is still doing it's thing, it's just that the whirlpool doesn't belong to you anymore. This is specifically spelled out in the Armory entry for Ice under "The Freezing Effect of Ice", after already having discussed Snowflakes, Shields and Frost Bombs...
  5. Right, but I have the Going Swimming talent. So even if the letters on ice are my opponent’s, they shouldn’t get points from my whirlpool, right? My whirlpool is under the letters on ice.
  6. Not sure if I followed correctly, but remember that letters on Ice belong to the current player. So it sounds like it's working, but maybe I misunderstood.
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  8. I played a whirlpool on ice under some white letters. I have the talent that my opponent does not get points from my whirlpool. However, during my opponent’s turn, they got points from my whirlpool. Is that correct, that opponents can get points from whirlpool for letters on ice, even though I have the talent that says they don’t get points? I’m blue and my opponent is orange in the screen shots below, thanks!
  9. This sounds like the "head to head statistics" feature that existed for a few years in War of Words Apocalypse. Unfortunately, the feature was removed due to heavy database usage.
  10. And of course you can access game play info under ‘statistics’ in live game play as well. -Emily
  11. Open up the game and click on Leaderboards and achievements. Then click on leaderboards. Anybody that you play with that you are friends on game Center with, will show up here as well as any gameplay stats you share (one on one, 2 player, etc.). I know there’s been a few issues with people adding new friends in Game Center after the last few updates, but I’d say poke around and see what you can do! And great ideas for future stats! It would cool to have a ‘stats’ feature on the homepage that broke everything down. I’m not sure how much work that would entail our fearless leader, but I love
  12. I love this game and will play just about anyone that starts a game but I do tend to play the same 10-20 people and also have several ongoing rivalries so it would be nice if I could see wins vs losses of my games against specific people or stats on individual boards...just for fun. Something to think about in the next update!
  13. Yup, I've got that on my list. Hopefully I'll get it done in the next major release.
  14. I realize FBs are the same as shields, where the icon is blue regardless of which player it belongs to.
  15. Hi Jeremy, I have a suggestion for a future update. When peaking, you can tell each player’s lanterns, FBs, and snowflakes since the icon matches the player’s color. However, for shields, the center shield icon is blue for all players. What do you think about changing the shield icon to reflect the player’s color? you can see in my screenshot where I’m peaking. On the right side, there is a blue shield icon. However, you cannot tell whose shield it is since the shield icon is blue for all players.
  16. The idea is that someone could potentially choose both, if they really want a lot of stars!
  17. Just thought I’d point out that the snowy start and stars in your eyes talents are each valued at 2. If people are thinking, they’d never choose the stars in your eyes talent since snowflakes are better than stars since only the owner can utilize them. perhaps change the point value so the star talent is less than the snowflake? Or am I missing something?
  18. Mudbug, you already reported those above and I replied to you just above your last post.
  19. I apologize if already reported, but I am receiving Titles and Avatars that I haven’t completed in Classic. I see Incomplete Achievements however have the Avatars and Titles in my list of titles and avatars. I know I didn’t complete. Examples: Titles - Bringer of Nightmares, The Victorious Avatars - The Nightmare, Victorious
  20. MugBug, I checked your user data and you'd earned all those achievements, but there was an issue where your game client wasn't aware you'd earned them. I've fixed your data. Tom, you had a couple of those too. We call those "untoasted" achievements. It's rare, and one of the only reasons I can see it happening is if the game where you earned the achievement somehow got deleted before you saw the achievement award. I also looked at the achievement code and it appears to be correct.
  21. I also have been given victorious and my nightmareish past. I’m currently working on those but haven’t completed them yet
  22. I apologize if already reported, but I am receiving Titles and Avatars that I haven’t completed in Classic. I see Incomplete Achievements however have the Avatars and Titles in my list of titles and avatars. I know I didn’t complete. Examples: Titles - Bringer of Nightmares, The Victorious Avatars - The Nightmare, Victorious
  23. I found an issue in the code where when someone without the Rabies Vaccine talent places letters on Ice, later when it's your turn the Bats might destroy those letters and count them toward your loss of points. I've pushed out an attempted fix for that issue today.
  24. As always, action tile draws are random. The game is not capable of withholding them from you or making them inherently unfair. Please play actions more frequently from your rack to make room for new ones.
  25. It seems to me I am sometimes having to wait an awful long time for lanterns to come out of the supply. Most recent example was a game where there were only 19 letters left in the supply when I got my first lantern which I played immediately on turn 103 (in a two-player game). I then got another 2 in the refill. I am going to start monitoring this to see if it is just my imagination but I wondered if anyone else felt similarly disadvantaged?
  26. As far as I'm aware, Rabies Vaccine was tested to work. Can anyone else reproduce this?
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