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  2. The World of Words Fall 2020 update is live! Take a trip back in time with the first “Classic” world! Available to subscribers of all levels, the new “War of Words” world brings back 39 of the boards from the 2011 game that started it all. These are played with the modern World of Words rules, but with one exception: in order to preserve the original gameplay experience, Metal tiles on War of Words boards are destructible. Try enabling Darkness and/or Nightmare Mode for an extra challenge! I've also added several new achievements to go along with this new world. Introducing the Avata
  3. Reuben

    iOS 14

    So just upgraded to iOS 14 and wow, Apple overhauled Game Center. And suddenly, my Games Won, etc. Leaderboard stats are accurate! Didn't even have to win a game, just open the app under iOS 14 and boom! 468 just like it should be.
  4. @janieloveday, there was a thing where if the space that a Lantern was in was on Fire or had a Whirlwind parked on it, then its Bat protection ability was compromised. I don't remember whether or not that was fixed. I mention this because your screenshots show Fire, but not where the Lantern is actually planted so I can't tell if it happens to be on Fire or not.
  5. janieloveday G:661883925 a4afd135be4b4d92a2391d58648d577d 0 Sorry. I’m beginning to feel I’m being a bit of a nuisance but it’s not clear to me why the bats zapped my tiles in the lantern areas in this game - attaching screenshots but not confident they are in a helpful order (try my best )
  6. I looked at it and it seems just fine. I also posted in the alpha thread on Facebook to tell me if there are any issues, and none are reported just yet. I'd say you're safe.
  7. OK that is interesting, actually, thanks for posting that. I think we may need to do some experimentation to figure out how to reproduce what happened with those games. Since you don't remember doing anything with them, but the game clearly shows that you resigned them, it's difficult for me to know what to look at.
  8. Reuben

    iOS 14

    Can anyone report on whether there are any issues that resulted from upgrading to iOS 14 yet? Want to know if I should hold off for my favorite word game or if it's okay to go ahead.
  9. I understand what you’re saying but it was just strange that suddenly I had lost 5 games I don’t remember losing or playing and I found these games that I either resigned or didn’t play in at all. The shots I sent you show a loss that you’re saying should not register but I resigned a game yesterday that actually says resigned when the other players finished. I love this game and I know you have a ton more knowledge about its inner workings than I do so I’ll trust the process.
  10. Unfortunately no. The code doesn't have a status string available for when you left a game and the others kept playing, since the original engine back in 2010 was never built for that. So basically it's a little confusing, but you shouldn't have received an actual "loss." Behind the scenes, each game only has ONE status flag for the whole game, which is one of: InProgress, Finished, TimedOut, and Resigned. Resigned can only be used for two player games when one player resigns, which ends the game. But in a 3- or 4-player game, when the game continues on, Status is equal to InProgress unti
  11. I usually resign multiplayer games when I see them but even if I did then shouldn’t they read as RESIGNED instead of LOST as in the pictures I shared?
  12. Right, that's a limitation of the user interface. It doesn't support a "declined" status. But your actual Loss counter in statistics should not have incremented. I can look at the code again if it did increment, but I'm pretty sure that has worked for quite a long time now. The fact that your user name is dim means that you either resigned it yourself, or someone did a Kick Idle Player on you. But Kick Idle only works when it's been your turn for 3 days, so you should have seen it.
  13. I am Kwbreezie. I resigned at least one of those games but they all showed up as losses, even the ones I’d never seen before. Here are the screenshot. The 4th game fell off my finished games screen but it showed a loss as well.
  14. Are you kwbreezie? From the screenshots, it looks like you declined all those games. At the end of the game, you'll lose points for the tiles in your rack. But players who declined the game don't incur a loss at the end. That code would have been tested way back when it first came out in 2012.
  15. I appreciate your help with this. I had never seen that happen before and it almost went unnoticed until I saw my losses had changed and I hadn’t lost any games recently.
  16. That's an interesting one, and I'm sorry that happened to you. If you post your username, I can remove those losses. Any response to this will need to be multi-facted. First, I'm curious: which board(s) were those games played on? We worked hard to eliminate cases of running all tiles out, by making Extra Turns non-reusable during a single run of turns. How did they manage to do it? Second, I'll add to my list to see if I can stop awarding a loss to players who never played a turn.
  17. I now have 4 losses for games that I did not know I was invited to and never agreed to play. Apparently, I was included in a 4 person game which ended prior to me ever knowing the game existed or was able to take a turn because 2-3 of the other players had exhausted all the tiles. It seems unfair to lose a game you never committed to in the first place. How do I stop this in the future?
  18. Completed game on Village board that ktee28 won with all her tiles on green grass, however she was not awarded Title reward: Villager. She said she tried more than once and not awarded. Screenshot provided.
  19. Thanks for following up on those two. Sometimes it takes a few extra turns to get those achievements to actually fire off, for reasons unknown (it's usually pretty rare).
  20. I finally did get my achievement in the middle of another game about a day later, thanks.
  21. Heard today from my opponent in this game that the achievement awarded when she did the iOS software update earlier. Happy to report that’s one less to worry about!
  22. Ah, thank you, I obviously missed that change.
  23. Just FYI, Rain was changed in this release to no longer move with Wheel of Time, consistent with the other Moving Platforms.
  24. Lastly, some real oddness going on with the scoring of bingos. In view of the humongous scores it’s probably no biggie but I seem to recall bingos were one of the last things that got tweaked before the game went live . The last image here shows an attempt to play a 10-letter bingo but it didn’t award the 10,000 points Is that one only achievable without usIng wildcards?
  25. Descriptor suggests Dark Bombs also leave fire in their wake when Residual Explosives talent is enabled but they don’t. Don’t have a problem with that but maybe the descriptor should be amended?
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