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  2. Duplicatable by having Talents off, with Fire and Rain on the board. The game allows you to place a letter directly in the center of the rain’s area of effect, even if the space is currently on fire. Only the center is affected. I would not have noticed if it weren’t for the new red X’s, so this bug may have been present and gone unnoticed for a long time. and to showcase my new screen capture skills... FullSizeRender.mov
  3. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207935
  4. Duplicatable by starting a game on any board with a Yeti with both Animations and Advanced Animations turned off. The Yeti's are still... muscle flexing? Breathing? Whatever it is they do patiently while they wait for me to make a move. I fully expect them to animate throwing the snowballs between turns, but not while I'm deciding on what to do. I'd post a screenshot, but I don't know how to capture motion.
  5. A number of the leaderboards are "flaky" and the issue appears to be on Apple's side of the equation. This has been a known issue for a long time and there doesn't seem to be anything that can be done about it. In my experience, the following leaderboards can be trusted: Bingos Damage Done in a Single Turn Achievements Earned Titles Obtained Avatars Earned Nightmare Wins The rest, not so much. I mean, according to the boards, I most recently won a game on 2019-07-06, my 124th. Of those, 155 of them were won in Nightmare Mode, most recently on 2020-05-15. My only quadrillion point game also didn't get recorded (although my opponent's did), so I feel for you!
  6. I have another question, this one about leaderboards. In the game screen-shotted here, clemep8’s score is showing on the leaderboards, but mine isn’t (though it’s higher than his). Can’t figure out why that would be the case? Thanks.
  7. This is a bug that occurs with corruption on nearly every board since we were in the alpha testing mode, through beta, and into the live game. Most recently it happened for me on the Magic Carpet Board. Sometimes the corruption powers up and sometimes it doesn't. However, as far as I know no one has figured out a way to consistently duplicate it as it is very random. So until one of us can figure out a way to consistently duplicate this bug, Jeremy is unable to investigate or test it. So it for now it is just taking a chance to use lightning to use it to power up corruption as if it will work or if you are wasting your lightning. I am sorry that there isn't a better answer for this.
  8. Follow-up on this. I've replicated the behavior. Playing all 10 of your tiles only gives you the 40 point bingo (for playing 8 of your tiles with a mix of actions and letters) when one of those tiles is a Snowstorm. It appears that so long as none of the tiles are a snowstorm, the 1000 point bingo results. I haven't tested with all action tiles to make absolutely sure nothing else triggers this issue, but I'm highly confident that Snowstorm does.
  9. 1,000 point bingo for playing all of your tiles sometimes awards a lesser bonus. I haven't yet figured out how to reproduce this consistently, but I have seen it happen twice now. First time in a game with @Debbie (bombus pratorum) @Debbie is Player 1, on turn 5 she played all her tiles and got the 1,000 point bingo. This is a Capture the Idol board game, and the way it's setup, those bingos are going to matter; otherwise, I wouldn't have noticed this. I'm Player 2 and on Turn 12, I also played all of my tiles (trying to catch up) but was only awarded the 40 point bingo. Then, more recently, I played all of my tiles in a 4-player game with Cbtennis, @BombChelle and @Melodie Mary. As I was on the look out for this, I checked. The only similar thing that stands out (to me) as a commonality between the two turns is that I played a Snowstorm both times (which wasn't true for @Debbie's successful one).
  10. Hi, clemep8 and I are trying to figure out how a Lightning works on the Abyss board. The writeup says that lightning played anywhere powers up corruption (and the whole board is corruption) but it doesn’t seem to be working that way for us. Are there rules about this? It seems inconsistent...sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, and we can’t figure out the reason one play would be different from another. Thanks. P.S. I can screenshot the combat log if needed. It really just shows lightning played that increases the power of corruption and lightning played that doesn’t. Played in different spots perhaps, but this board is said to have corruption throughout, and “lightning played anywhere will power it up.”
  11. @Jeremy Thomas Fuller this is not a bug report. This is me trying to leave a helpful tip to others for something that may look like a bug but isn't and can be self-rectified. I just had a game end where I was expecting an achievement to award. It didn't happen. I was confused. But before I got upset, I started checking things. Did it's avatar and/or title appear in the list of choosable ones? (Assuming it had one.) Nope Did it appear at the top of Recent Achievements Nope Did it still list in its Achievement Group as obtainable? Nope Wait, what? It's in the list of obtained achievements. Hmmm. Half-awarded then. Force Quit app and Restart Is logging into Game Center stuck in a seemingly endless spin? Yes it is. Okay, so not the game's fault. Device was acting funky in other ways, let's reboot. Launch app again. Finally logs in to Game Center, yay! Play a turn in another game. Achievement awarded (and properly in the chat of the game where it belonged). If something like this happens to you, run through the check list first. While Jeremy can fix things in the back end, you might be able to get it to finish on your own.
  12. Yeah this is because the way Corruption and some other things (whether you played in Ice, I think, and some others) is detected based on the LastPlayed layer. The LastPlayed layer keeps getting added to during every turn of an Extra Turn streak, which is how the client is able to highlight all those letters at once for the next player. I can't modify any of this realistically, which is why we'll just have to deal with this specific idiosyncrasy when it comes to those achievements.
  13. Did some more experimentation and it is definitely the result of taking Extra Turns. We're starting over with this in mind and a new target for our Whirlwinds!
  14. Extra Turn could be to blame, but someone would need to verify. However, I won't fix that if it's the case, as it would require a full re-architecting of a lot of stuff just for a couple achievements. Try obtaining the achievement without using Extra Turn. It was previously tested and is obtainable.
  15. @Jeremy Thomas Fuller, I apologize for not having all steps to reproduce on this one. But the bug here is very easy to show. These are my "Statistics For This Game" in a game between myself and @Ga Peach where we are trying to achieve "It Doesn't Look Like Anything to Me" on the "Descent into Chaos" board so we have been very careful only to play in the marauding areas of Light and Corruption floating around the board. And monitoring our game stats to make sure it doesn't think we've played outside of the Corruption either. According to my stats, I've played a total of 28 letters (which the Combat Log corroborates). 28 (all) of which were played in Corruption. And 4 of which were played outside of Corruption!? Same is true for inside and outside of Light? There's no ice on the board, and that's not self-contradicting, so that's nice. We are playing with Bomb, Whirlwind, Whirlpool (2 of which have been played already), Star, Lightning, Rewind, Snowflake, Dark Bomb and Divination. I have Sleight of Hand, Triple Reservations, Fortune Teller, First Responder, Rainstorm, Thunderstorm, Climate Change (and their requirements). @Ga Peach has Ghost Hunter, Triple Reservations, Rainstorm, High Wind Warning, Rewind in Reserve, and Oracle. This statistical mismatch has happened to both of us. For her she's played 33 letters total yet has played 44 in corruption and 39 outside of corruption. Is it possible that Whirlpool is "replaying" letters or that Extra Turn is causing a multiple count? I'm leaning toward Extra Turn as it would explain why I'm only off by 4 but @Ga Peach is much further off from the math making sense.
  16. This is just a cosmetic issue that I noticed, super low priority. But I'm noticing that when my Whirlwind flips over a Tarot Card on someone else's turn, the Combat Log claims that the player whose turn it is did the flip. It's only cosmetic, because it still gives me the points. I've been starting a lot of 4-player Elm Street games with the purpose of racking up a lot of Tarot Card flips for the "The Prophet" achievement. So I play Whirlwind(s) specifically placed so that it will destroy pumpkins and gourds on the left or the right side of the street on the next few other players' turns. I may not be able to move the Whirlwind, but the ground underneath it will. So that's how to reproduce. The following results: I chose this one as it clearly highlights that clemep8 (hope they don't mind), was granted 2 different amount of points for flipping a tarot card because I have the Fortune Teller talent and they don't. However, further down, we see that I was granted the points from what my whirlwind did. Again, as the points are properly distributed at the end, this is just cosmetic and super low priority.
  17. If you experience something you think is a bug, please post it here. Please include ALL steps to reproduce, with a clear and precise description of the issue, including screenshots to illustrate the issue. Thanks!
  18. Hello all, Welcome to World of Words! Do you need help understanding how some of these great and wonderful worlds work? Have you come across an Explorer Board you just can't figure out? Ask your questions here. Or you might also try asking your opponent in that game what's going on! FYI! Explorer boards are very interesting, featuring unique concepts that only Explorer subscribers have access to. One of those mechanics is "candy," and it may take some experimentation to discover how it works! There are no tutorials or instructions for Explorer boards, which is by design. There are tons of players here who would be happy to walk you through what's going on. This is our goal, to foster a sense of community in the game. Ask away!
  19. Yes, please add it for me. Now I am playing the boards in a more relaxed fashion when I have had time to get used to them before a new one appears and withe the time to enjoy them for themselves rather than trying to find any faults with them I am really starting to enjoy all the quirky new mechanics, talents, hazards and artwork. I’m always feeling excited to get a new game and I have been experimenting with some of the new features on some of the boards in other worlds.
  20. Have you updated to the most current update? Are you an explorer with a current subscription? Have you gone into your settings to see if there is the "jump to the highest level" button? If there is click on it. If none of those things work, please send in a support ticket though the get support button at the bottom of the options.
  21. Answer please. Want to try out the new boards.
  22. Try the App Store again, because the update is taking a bit of time to roll out. You'll know you've updated when, under New Game, you see The Fear of Darkness board category.
  23. I must be doing something wrong - I download it from the App Store and everything looks the same as before testing. I’m aware certain boards will appear each month, but my talents show 8. Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong or missing something. If it was mentioned- accept my apology. I’ve been through a broken knee on mom then 2 wks later she had a stroke. That’s been my cause of being slow to some and I’m sorry.
  24. In these difficult times, with many of us stuck in our homes, sometimes all you need is a little worldwide word destruction. So to that end, I've decided to release the fifth world early. This is THE FEAR OF DARKNESS. Subscribers can experience 16 haunting new boards, featuring Darkness, Moving Platforms, Bats, Ghosts, the Wicked Witch, Corruption, and more! Test your skills with all-new action tiles: Lantern, Power Surge, Dark Bomb, and Divination! Reveal Tarot Cards to increase your score even further. Even more talents, achievements, avatars and titles await you in the dark. Explorers unlock 16 additional boards (12 of which are unlocked monthly) for a total of 32 new boards in this release. Challenge your friends and foes alike with some of the most mind-bending content this game has ever seen! Can you defeat the Dark Lord and conquer the Abyss? We are about to find out. Update now from the App Store to experience this scary new adventure. I hope to see you there!
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