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  1. If they are on ice, whirlpools, just like letters, belong to the player whose turn it is, not the person who played them. So the "Going Swimming" talent is still doing it's thing, it's just that the whirlpool doesn't belong to you anymore. This is specifically spelled out in the Armory entry for Ice under "The Freezing Effect of Ice", after already having discussed Snowflakes, Shields and Frost Bombs...
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  2. Open up the game and click on Leaderboards and achievements. Then click on leaderboards. Anybody that you play with that you are friends on game Center with, will show up here as well as any gameplay stats you share (one on one, 2 player, etc.). I know there’s been a few issues with people adding new friends in Game Center after the last few updates, but I’d say poke around and see what you can do! And great ideas for future stats! It would cool to have a ‘stats’ feature on the homepage that broke everything down. I’m not sure how much work that would entail our fearless leader, but I love
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