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    Duplicatable by having Talents off, with Fire and Rain on the board. The game allows you to place a letter directly in the center of the rain’s area of effect, even if the space is currently on fire. Only the center is affected. I would not have noticed if it weren’t for the new red X’s, so this bug may have been present and gone unnoticed for a long time. and to showcase my new screen capture skills... FullSizeRender.mov
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    Duplicatable by starting a game on any board with a Yeti with both Animations and Advanced Animations turned off. The Yeti's are still... muscle flexing? Breathing? Whatever it is they do patiently while they wait for me to make a move. I fully expect them to animate throwing the snowballs between turns, but not while I'm deciding on what to do. I'd post a screenshot, but I don't know how to capture motion.
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    A number of the leaderboards are "flaky" and the issue appears to be on Apple's side of the equation. This has been a known issue for a long time and there doesn't seem to be anything that can be done about it. In my experience, the following leaderboards can be trusted: Bingos Damage Done in a Single Turn Achievements Earned Titles Obtained Avatars Earned Nightmare Wins The rest, not so much. I mean, according to the boards, I most recently won a game on 2019-07-06, my 124th. Of those, 155 of them were won in Nightmare Mode, most recently on 2020-05-15. My only quadrillion point game also didn't get recorded (although my opponent's did), so I feel for you!
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    This is a bug that occurs with corruption on nearly every board since we were in the alpha testing mode, through beta, and into the live game. Most recently it happened for me on the Magic Carpet Board. Sometimes the corruption powers up and sometimes it doesn't. However, as far as I know no one has figured out a way to consistently duplicate it as it is very random. So until one of us can figure out a way to consistently duplicate this bug, Jeremy is unable to investigate or test it. So it for now it is just taking a chance to use lightning to use it to power up corruption as if it will work or if you are wasting your lightning. I am sorry that there isn't a better answer for this.
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    Follow-up on this. I've replicated the behavior. Playing all 10 of your tiles only gives you the 40 point bingo (for playing 8 of your tiles with a mix of actions and letters) when one of those tiles is a Snowstorm. It appears that so long as none of the tiles are a snowstorm, the 1000 point bingo results. I haven't tested with all action tiles to make absolutely sure nothing else triggers this issue, but I'm highly confident that Snowstorm does.
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