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  1. Not sure if I followed correctly, but remember that letters on Ice belong to the current player. So it sounds like it's working, but maybe I misunderstood.
  2. This sounds like the "head to head statistics" feature that existed for a few years in War of Words Apocalypse. Unfortunately, the feature was removed due to heavy database usage.
  3. Yup, I've got that on my list. Hopefully I'll get it done in the next major release.
  4. The idea is that someone could potentially choose both, if they really want a lot of stars!
  5. Mudbug, you already reported those above and I replied to you just above your last post.
  6. MugBug, I checked your user data and you'd earned all those achievements, but there was an issue where your game client wasn't aware you'd earned them. I've fixed your data. Tom, you had a couple of those too. We call those "untoasted" achievements. It's rare, and one of the only reasons I can see it happening is if the game where you earned the achievement somehow got deleted before you saw the achievement award. I also looked at the achievement code and it appears to be correct.
  7. I found an issue in the code where when someone without the Rabies Vaccine talent places letters on Ice, later when it's your turn the Bats might destroy those letters and count them toward your loss of points. I've pushed out an attempted fix for that issue today.
  8. As always, action tile draws are random. The game is not capable of withholding them from you or making them inherently unfair. Please play actions more frequently from your rack to make room for new ones.
  9. As far as I'm aware, Rabies Vaccine was tested to work. Can anyone else reproduce this?
  10. I'm happy to look into it, but I need specific steps to reproduce. Sorry about that. Win/loss mechanics have been working for 8 years so there isn't anything I can just generally look at without very specific directions as to what's happening.
  11. The first screenshot above shows that you resigned the game. The second screenshot is only giving you that message because you did not have the winning score. You didn't actually incur a loss because you resigned. I can try to remove that message in a future release if it still confuses you. Not sure why you keep forgetting about your resigns, but as far as I can tell it's working as intended. You'll notice I even fixed the Finished Games list to show Resigned instead of Lost.
  12. The World of Words Fall 2020 update is live! Take a trip back in time with the first “Classic” world! Available to subscribers of all levels, the new “War of Words” world brings back 39 of the boards from the 2011 game that started it all. These are played with the modern World of Words rules, but with one exception: in order to preserve the original gameplay experience, Metal tiles on War of Words boards are destructible. Try enabling Darkness and/or Nightmare Mode for an extra challenge! I've also added several new achievements to go along with this new world. Introducing the Avata
  13. I looked at it and it seems just fine. I also posted in the alpha thread on Facebook to tell me if there are any issues, and none are reported just yet. I'd say you're safe.
  14. OK that is interesting, actually, thanks for posting that. I think we may need to do some experimentation to figure out how to reproduce what happened with those games. Since you don't remember doing anything with them, but the game clearly shows that you resigned them, it's difficult for me to know what to look at.
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