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  1. Yeah this is because the way Corruption and some other things (whether you played in Ice, I think, and some others) is detected based on the LastPlayed layer. The LastPlayed layer keeps getting added to during every turn of an Extra Turn streak, which is how the client is able to highlight all those letters at once for the next player. I can't modify any of this realistically, which is why we'll just have to deal with this specific idiosyncrasy when it comes to those achievements.
  2. Extra Turn could be to blame, but someone would need to verify. However, I won't fix that if it's the case, as it would require a full re-architecting of a lot of stuff just for a couple achievements. Try obtaining the achievement without using Extra Turn. It was previously tested and is obtainable.
  3. Try the App Store again, because the update is taking a bit of time to roll out. You'll know you've updated when, under New Game, you see The Fear of Darkness board category.
  4. In these difficult times, with many of us stuck in our homes, sometimes all you need is a little worldwide word destruction. So to that end, I've decided to release the fifth world early. This is THE FEAR OF DARKNESS. Subscribers can experience 16 haunting new boards, featuring Darkness, Moving Platforms, Bats, Ghosts, the Wicked Witch, Corruption, and more! Test your skills with all-new action tiles: Lantern, Power Surge, Dark Bomb, and Divination! Reveal Tarot Cards to increase your score even further. Even more talents, achievements, avatars and titles await you in the dark. Explorers unlock 16 additional boards (12 of which are unlocked monthly) for a total of 32 new boards in this release. Challenge your friends and foes alike with some of the most mind-bending content this game has ever seen! Can you defeat the Dark Lord and conquer the Abyss? We are about to find out. Update now from the App Store to experience this scary new adventure. I hope to see you there!
  5. Yeah I agree, but not all boards can be amazing! Haha. And sometimes you just want to immerse yourself in a library (or at least I do). And thank you! I, too, am amazed at how far this game series has come since 2010. I never imagined what this engine could do way back then. It's really fun to see! Get ready for THE GREAT BEYOND next year, which is our outer space world. After that we'll head to a fictional planet, DRAGONS OF DESTINY, where we get to experience castles and dragons and other fun fantasy-themed things. After that we'll head underwater in LEGENDS OF THE DEEP. I've got nothing beyond that.
  6. Good post, Melodie! I haven't really played, due to total lack of time (my life is crazy in a good way), which is why I implicitly trust all you fine people to tell me when something isn't fun. (Looking at you, Alisoun, among many, many others!) But I think the favorite mechanic I did for this world is also Moving Platforms. It was something I wanted to accomplish for many, many years, and I finally pulled it off. And more importantly, I implemented it in a way that the engine really understands and is very easy to code for and maintain. That's key! The Wheel of Time, the precursor to this type of tech, was very kludgy and hard to work with. This new tech is super, super advanced. (You can see the exact movement from The Wheel of Time re-implemented using the new tech in Couple's Skate. The effect is different, to be sure! That's because Wheel of Time actually does a whole bunch of custom magic to rotate that board in a nice, even circle. We won't be doing that again.) It's also a little-known fact, but getting Moving Platforms right required me implementing something I call "conveyor belt" technology. It's the ability to animate things onto the board from off-screen, something the engine MOST DEFINITELY AND EMPHATICALLY couldn't do, haha. I had to install some pretty interesting tech to make it do that. The result, on boards like Elm Street and Portal to Beyond, is quite hard to code. But the effect...boy, does it work. I'm so proud that I managed to pull that off. There were many sleepless nights and restless days figuring all this shit out, suffice to say. I'm glad The Fear of Darkness ended up fun. It's a tech-heavy world, to be sureā€”the culmination of many years of dreams of what a word game really could be. Thanks for helping make it perfect!
  7. Yay! This is still my favorite world, too. I have a Sands of Time surprise coming for Explorers that I hope works out really nicely.
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