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  1. janieloveday G:661883925 a4afd135be4b4d92a2391d58648d577d 0 Sorry. I’m beginning to feel I’m being a bit of a nuisance but it’s not clear to me why the bats zapped my tiles in the lantern areas in this game - attaching screenshots but not confident they are in a helpful order (try my best )
  2. Heard today from my opponent in this game that the achievement awarded when she did the iOS software update earlier. Happy to report that’s one less to worry about!
  3. Ah, thank you, I obviously missed that change.
  4. Lastly, some real oddness going on with the scoring of bingos. In view of the humongous scores it’s probably no biggie but I seem to recall bingos were one of the last things that got tweaked before the game went live . The last image here shows an attempt to play a 10-letter bingo but it didn’t award the 10,000 points Is that one only achievable without usIng wildcards?
  5. Descriptor suggests Dark Bombs also leave fire in their wake when Residual Explosives talent is enabled but they don’t. Don’t have a problem with that but maybe the descriptor should be amended?
  6. Next thing - rain tiles seem to have stopped moving with the wheel when it rotates on this board, or am I just misremembering?
  7. janieloveday G:661883925 74d362c3337f4b308e55995fa6874363 0 Nightmare On Elm Street achievement also didn’t award despite being played correctly and in Nightmare Mode.
  8. World janieloveday G:661883925 36cb61e36d9549caad41e5a1156d6dfc 0 (hope I have attached the correct screenshot) Debbie got her 15th Mummy Survival in this game but the achievement and avatar did not award.
  9. Thank you, Jeremy. I’m aware you are busy and happy writing just now but I’ve found a couple of other things as well. You want me to report them or save them for later?
  10. “Blinded By The Light” achievement is failing to award. I’ve tried it twice now with the same player. The first time, I wondered if the fact I’d played lanterns too caused the problem so this time I held back but my opponent has covered the board and still no award. Help!
  11. Absolutely love the Haunted Letter - I seem to be one of those rare beings that always did seek out the - sorry, can’t remember its proper name - glowing letter in previous worlds and exploit t to the best of my ability. I enjoy seeing the dark boards light up with lanterns and, of course, they are indispensable on the Blackout board. Surges are fun too, though I sort of miss that brief, happy interlude when they were bugged!
  12. Still feeling I haven’t had that many opportunities to play boards to the extent that I can make a really informed choice but have chosen these 3 because: 1) I feel I’m beginning to get a handle on how Elm Street can be made to work. I still think there’s rather too much scenery that may put less seasoned players off; 2)Full Moon Rising - I’ve had possibly 2 goes at playing this board - nominated it because I love the artwork on here: 3) Abandoned Cemetery just because I love the numerous ghosts and the opportunity to zap them!
  13. Really difficult to choose! picked those three because 1) I am not a Bat fan but I can live with that ; 2) I am a Tarot Card fan and 3) I like Oracle, though I am concerned about using it at times because if you decide to have Triple Reservations and Oracle enabled, you’ve used up 7 talent points so don’t have much room for manoeuvre with the remaining 5.
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