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  1. Whirlpools destroy Lanterns. I know I purposefully target other player’s Lanterns for destruction on the assumption that they won’t want to play their Power Surges until late... and I like to make that TOO late.
  2. If they are on ice, whirlpools, just like letters, belong to the player whose turn it is, not the person who played them. So the "Going Swimming" talent is still doing it's thing, it's just that the whirlpool doesn't belong to you anymore. This is specifically spelled out in the Armory entry for Ice under "The Freezing Effect of Ice", after already having discussed Snowflakes, Shields and Frost Bombs...
  3. Reuben

    iOS 14

    So just upgraded to iOS 14 and wow, Apple overhauled Game Center. And suddenly, my Games Won, etc. Leaderboard stats are accurate! Didn't even have to win a game, just open the app under iOS 14 and boom! 468 just like it should be.
  4. @janieloveday, there was a thing where if the space that a Lantern was in was on Fire or had a Whirlwind parked on it, then its Bat protection ability was compromised. I don't remember whether or not that was fixed. I mention this because your screenshots show Fire, but not where the Lantern is actually planted so I can't tell if it happens to be on Fire or not.
  5. Reuben

    iOS 14

    Can anyone report on whether there are any issues that resulted from upgrading to iOS 14 yet? Want to know if I should hold off for my favorite word game or if it's okay to go ahead.
  6. This is a bit disjointed, but here's most of what I try to do. It's starts out a bit "depends on the situation", but I tried to drop some "in general" nuggets too: Analyze the mechanics specific to the board, which action tiles are in the supply, and each player's talents (if enabled). Determine if you even want to be part of this game. Determine the top two or three methods for gaining points. Usually there are order of magnitude divisions between these. Determine the top two or three methods for giving negative points to your opponent(s). Commit to these method
  7. Before it's time for development to start up again on the next world in the saga, I wanted to suggest a few tweaks to the game. None of them effect game play, just the flavor around it. They are offered as suggestions; I promise my feelings will not be hurt if they are all ignored. Statistics: For consistency, add a "The Call to Adventure" section and move "Nukes Used" and "The Call to Adventure Wins" there. For consistency, add a "The Fear of Darkness Wins" stat. Even if there is not a behind the scenes stat currently tracking this, it can be computed by subtracting all
  8. @Ga Peach, this is a known bug caused by extra turn streaks (2nd bug reported by me in the main bug thread). Essentially all of your tiles must remain in the light / corruption for ALL turns in the streak to avoid counting as outside the light / corruption each time it is checked. The way to avoid it is to not play on any Extra Turns. In fact, considering what you're trying to do, I would suggest adding whirlwinds and whirlpools to destroy the Extra Turns that this board starts with to avoid accidentally playing on them.
  9. The board description states "The middle portion of the Water moves down every turn." I always took this to mean it works like Elm Street except the middle slides down rather than the sides. This confirms it. The snowstorm is only effecting what's on the board and since platform movement is the LAST thing to happen, unfrozen water slides down into the upper center position. Just an unexpected interaction between different game elements, so TL;DR: yes, this is supposed to happen. I love it because in real life, moving water is harder to freeze!
  10. We've researched this before during testing when I noticed something similar. It turns out that the definitions of those stats are not quite what you're thinking they are. For instance you can't add "Games Won" to "Games Lost" and derive "Games Played", and for more than one reason. Besides leaving out any tie games, any games that you bailed out of "without incurring a loss" or were terminated due to the player who was ahead being booted from the game leaving you as having played a game that was neither a win (cause you didn't) nor a loss (cause you didn't). However, the Thousand Pt.
  11. Maximum decimal number that can be stored in a signed 64-bit integer is: 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 Which is a little over 9 quintillion. That's awesome. If it's changed to 128-bit signed integer the maximum is: 170,141,183,460,469,231,731,687,303,715,884,105,727 Which is a little over 170... looks up naming convention... undecillion. At least from US reckoning. To be precise 2^127 - 1.
  12. Duplicatable by having Talents off, with Fire and Rain on the board. The game allows you to place a letter directly in the center of the rain’s area of effect, even if the space is currently on fire. Only the center is affected. I would not have noticed if it weren’t for the new red X’s, so this bug may have been present and gone unnoticed for a long time. and to showcase my new screen capture skills... FullSizeRender.mov
  13. Duplicatable by starting a game on any board with a Yeti with both Animations and Advanced Animations turned off. The Yeti's are still... muscle flexing? Breathing? Whatever it is they do patiently while they wait for me to make a move. I fully expect them to animate throwing the snowballs between turns, but not while I'm deciding on what to do. I'd post a screenshot, but I don't know how to capture motion.
  14. A number of the leaderboards are "flaky" and the issue appears to be on Apple's side of the equation. This has been a known issue for a long time and there doesn't seem to be anything that can be done about it. In my experience, the following leaderboards can be trusted: Bingos Damage Done in a Single Turn Achievements Earned Titles Obtained Avatars Earned Nightmare Wins The rest, not so much. I mean, according to the boards, I most recently won a game on 2019-07-06, my 124th. Of those, 155 of them were won in Nightmare Mode, most recently on 2020-0
  15. Follow-up on this. I've replicated the behavior. Playing all 10 of your tiles only gives you the 40 point bingo (for playing 8 of your tiles with a mix of actions and letters) when one of those tiles is a Snowstorm. It appears that so long as none of the tiles are a snowstorm, the 1000 point bingo results. I haven't tested with all action tiles to make absolutely sure nothing else triggers this issue, but I'm highly confident that Snowstorm does.
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