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  1. I finally did get my achievement in the middle of another game about a day later, thanks.
  2. Yes, please add it for me. Now I am playing the boards in a more relaxed fashion when I have had time to get used to them before a new one appears and withe the time to enjoy them for themselves rather than trying to find any faults with them I am really starting to enjoy all the quirky new mechanics, talents, hazards and artwork. I’m always feeling excited to get a new game and I have been experimenting with some of the new features on some of the boards in other worlds.
  3. I am still finding out! Even boards I think I’ve played the most keep offering up new revelations each time I try them. I think if I picked some now they would probably be different to what I picked in 6 months time.
  4. Damn! I just found I posted an answer in the wrong forum
  5. I’m with Christine on this one except given the number of times she beats the hell out of me sh obviously has more of a strategy than I do
  6. I love them all but I suffer from SAD in the winter and having these pretty light-filled shiny boards cheers me up a lot and makes me feel that snow and ice aren’t all bad!
  7. I love Double Reservations and Sleight of Hand.
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