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  1. The lightning failing to power up corruption seems to fail more often when you use more than one lightening at a time. IMG_1080.MP4
  2. I thought I was gong a little nuts not seeing RW in the divination. Good advocating Ethan. I think this will make the game much better as we discussed in our chat.
  3. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207935
  4. This is a bug that occurs with corruption on nearly every board since we were in the alpha testing mode, through beta, and into the live game. Most recently it happened for me on the Magic Carpet Board. Sometimes the corruption powers up and sometimes it doesn't. However, as far as I know no one has figured out a way to consistently duplicate it as it is very random. So until one of us can figure out a way to consistently duplicate this bug, Jeremy is unable to investigate or test it. So it for now it is just taking a chance to use lightning to use it to power up corruption as if it will work
  5. If you experience something you think is a bug, please post it here. Please include ALL steps to reproduce, with a clear and precise description of the issue, including screenshots to illustrate the issue. Thanks!
  6. Hello all, Welcome to World of Words! Do you need help understanding how some of these great and wonderful worlds work? Have you come across an Explorer Board you just can't figure out? Ask your questions here. Or you might also try asking your opponent in that game what's going on! FYI! Explorer boards are very interesting, featuring unique concepts that only Explorer subscribers have access to. One of those mechanics is "candy," and it may take some experimentation to discover how it works! There are no tutorials or instructions for Explorer boards, which is by design. There
  7. Have you updated to the most current update? Are you an explorer with a current subscription? Have you gone into your settings to see if there is the "jump to the highest level" button? If there is click on it. If none of those things work, please send in a support ticket though the get support button at the bottom of the options.
  8. I made this poll multiple choice and added the Fear of Darkness. If any of you who already voted would like to also vote for FOD, let me know and I will add a vote for it.
  9. Total set up! This board is so beautiful! I love the ghosts!
  10. Do you have a game in progress that looks just way too cool? Show us! Give us your most unique, horrific, or haunting screen shots! Thanks!
  11. Which Fear of Darkness Talents are your favorites? You may pick more than one, so pick the top ones that you enjoy the most. Then tell us why! (I was asked to make a FOD Talent Poll too!)
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