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  1. There are some boards on the Call to Adventure that I really like, especially when I bring winter actions into it. But I agree, the Winter World is my favorite too.
  2. Which combinations of action tile do you find the best to help you win your way through the wordy adventures in the World of Words?
  3. We all have our own unique Strategy to rack of the points as we travel through the World of Words. Which are yours?
  4. What is your Favorite WOW World and why?
  5. Welcome! World of Words is the next game in the Words Universe. Featuring a redesigned user experience, a totally remastered intro world (The Call to Adventure) and a brand new fourth world (The Depths of Winter), World of Words is the world's first massively multiplayer word role playing game! Please feel free to use this forum to give us your feedback on the game, share strategy, challenge opponents, and make new friends! Enjoy!
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