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  1. Thanks for the info Reu!
  2. The Descent Into Chaos board is showing in the stats that I played outside of corruption when I don't think I did. This has happened on the last 5 games this past week. I managed to capture it on two different games. The other games I didn’t get screen shots of. On the game with Pojo8 I have a screen shot of the stats before I played, my letters on my turn and then a screen shot of the stats after my turn. I didn’t get a before on the game with Harmony because I was the first to play in this game.
  3. Graphics are perfect. I need sunglasses for this board. Lol.
  4. The Library isn’t my favorite. It’s ok and I’ve played it a few times but it’s not as exciting as the others. I tend to not play boards like The Chapel and The Library because they just can’t compete in adventure seeking thrills like the rest of the boards. Honestly, you’ve done a fantastic job with all of them. I still play WOW 1. When I look at where you started to where your boards are now, it’s amazing.
  5. I like all of the boards except for one right now. I’m sure the longer I play FOD I’ll come to like some more than others. I like the fact they have so much going on at once. I love love love the fact the boards change from turn to turn. For adventure junkies, FOD boards are the next adventurous thrill in words.
  6. I find that I’ve used a divination the most for the same reason y’all stated. I like being able to pull out a needed tile. The ghost are fun. Love the tarot cards. Bats are pesky which make them fun. I like the fact many of the boards move. It makes you feel like you get different boards each time you play. Theres still so much I haven’t learned and so much more to these boards that I look forward to learning about.
  7. That’s dependent upon the board and which achievement I’m going after. Rain and coins are easy point gainers.
  8. Whirlwind, rain, bomb, sand storm, extra turn. I used to use the blasters on WOW2.
  9. Since I’ve been playing since War of Words one, I opt for The Depth of Winter because it’s the newest world. I’m enjoying the change of scenery, new action aspects, and new achievements.
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