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  1. Yes! Or pretty close. It went negative on turn 656 with a multiplier of (I think) 257,001.
  2. Did you know that your score can flip to negative if it gets too high? This happened to clemep8 in a game we are still working through, at a little over 9 quintillion. It was the Abyss board and his multiplier was also very high....not sure if it was the multiplier or the total score that pushed it over the edge.
  3. I have another question, this one about leaderboards. In the game screen-shotted here, clemep8’s score is showing on the leaderboards, but mine isn’t (though it’s higher than his). Can’t figure out why that would be the case? Thanks.
  4. Hi, clemep8 and I are trying to figure out how a Lightning works on the Abyss board. The writeup says that lightning played anywhere powers up corruption (and the whole board is corruption) but it doesn’t seem to be working that way for us. Are there rules about this? It seems inconsistent...sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, and we can’t figure out the reason one play would be different from another. Thanks. P.S. I can screenshot the combat log if needed. It really just shows lightning played that increases the power of corruption and lightning played that doesn’t. Played in differe
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