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  1. That clears things up a bit but after 8 days the option was whatever because I don’t remember now, but it caused me a loss. Should it always be END IDLE GAME after that amount of time?
  2. Thank you, Emily, for replying. I know how to end an idle game but my question is why am I taking the loss instead of my opponent even when they’re just not playing as to avoid losing, yet they are still actively playing other games. For example we started a game 8 days ago and the opponent isn’t responding but I can see that they have played as recently as today. Shouldn’t the loss go to the idle player?
  3. I’ve noticed that several players once they begin losing will simply stop playing that particular game but are playing other games while not resigning from the game they’re losing. After 5-7 days I’ll end the game only to see it count as my loss instead of theirs. Is this suppose to happen?
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