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  1. Right, but I have the Going Swimming talent. So even if the letters on ice are my opponent’s, they shouldn’t get points from my whirlpool, right? My whirlpool is under the letters on ice.
  2. I played a whirlpool on ice under some white letters. I have the talent that my opponent does not get points from my whirlpool. However, during my opponent’s turn, they got points from my whirlpool. Is that correct, that opponents can get points from whirlpool for letters on ice, even though I have the talent that says they don’t get points? I’m blue and my opponent is orange in the screen shots below, thanks!
  3. I realize FBs are the same as shields, where the icon is blue regardless of which player it belongs to.
  4. Hi Jeremy, I have a suggestion for a future update. When peaking, you can tell each player’s lanterns, FBs, and snowflakes since the icon matches the player’s color. However, for shields, the center shield icon is blue for all players. What do you think about changing the shield icon to reflect the player’s color? you can see in my screenshot where I’m peaking. On the right side, there is a blue shield icon. However, you cannot tell whose shield it is since the shield icon is blue for all players.
  5. Just thought I’d point out that the snowy start and stars in your eyes talents are each valued at 2. If people are thinking, they’d never choose the stars in your eyes talent since snowflakes are better than stars since only the owner can utilize them. perhaps change the point value so the star talent is less than the snowflake? Or am I missing something?
  6. You’re welcome! Rain will turn the grass green! Rain turns dead grass to become alive. :)
  7. There is no dead grass in the middle section!
  8. I understand. But it’s literally just the very top part that stays water. Like the ice doesn’t keep sliding down to reveal more water as more turns happen during the snowstorm, if that makes sense. Any idea on that?
  9. On the new River Rapids board, when a snowstorm is played, the top part of the water unfreezes and becomes water. Is that supposed to happen? This patch of water stays the entire time during the snowstorm.
  10. No worries, it’s not a big deal at all. I just happened to see it and figured I’d let you know about it. No need to look into it.
  11. Thanks. What about the statistics issue above?
  12. I notice when you don’t play any letters for your turn, you must “pass.” This prevents you from being able to move whirlwinds and other action tiles like rain for your turn, despite playing any letters. Is that something that can be fixed?
  13. I just tested my chat feature in a game with you, and don’t have any issues. I’m sure you tried, but if you haven’t, maybe try restarting your phone, make sure your software is up to date, and you can always delete and redownload the app?
  14. I think there’s a bug in the stats. It says I have 398 thousand point games, but I haven’t played that many games.
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