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  1. I love this game and will play just about anyone that starts a game but I do tend to play the same 10-20 people and also have several ongoing rivalries so it would be nice if I could see wins vs losses of my games against specific people or stats on individual boards...just for fun. Something to think about in the next update!
  2. I’m not confused nor am I forgetting about when I resign but I have several other games that I’ve resigned that say resigned when they have concluded instead of this one that says lost, I just didn’t think to screen shot them at the time. I understand what you are saying and I agree that it does usually happen that way but I’ve had 2 losses in 12 days but my count reflects 3. It’s inconsequential in the end but whatever. It is what it is.
  3. Hi Jeremy, a few months ago I inquired about the multiplayer game losses for games which I resigned or that had played out all the tiles before I even knew the game existed and unfortunately it seems to be happening again. I’d love to get some insight into how to resolve this and stop it from happening. I now have 7-8 losses from something I’m told is suppose to be impossible to happen.
  4. I understand what you’re saying but it was just strange that suddenly I had lost 5 games I don’t remember losing or playing and I found these games that I either resigned or didn’t play in at all. The shots I sent you show a loss that you’re saying should not register but I resigned a game yesterday that actually says resigned when the other players finished. I love this game and I know you have a ton more knowledge about its inner workings than I do so I’ll trust the process.
  5. I usually resign multiplayer games when I see them but even if I did then shouldn’t they read as RESIGNED instead of LOST as in the pictures I shared?
  6. I am Kwbreezie. I resigned at least one of those games but they all showed up as losses, even the ones I’d never seen before. Here are the screenshot. The 4th game fell off my finished games screen but it showed a loss as well.
  7. I appreciate your help with this. I had never seen that happen before and it almost went unnoticed until I saw my losses had changed and I hadn’t lost any games recently.
  8. I now have 4 losses for games that I did not know I was invited to and never agreed to play. Apparently, I was included in a 4 person game which ended prior to me ever knowing the game existed or was able to take a turn because 2-3 of the other players had exhausted all the tiles. It seems unfair to lose a game you never committed to in the first place. How do I stop this in the future?
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