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  1. Quite often notifications are interrupted with iOS updates. Unfortunately, this is on Apples end. Fortunately, we can fix it.
  2. Tom, if none of this works, please send a support ticket through the game. Thank you!
  3. Hi Tom, Could you please verify that the notification settings are set not only in game but also in your device settings? If they are in, I suggest turning them off completely and then restart your device. Then, go back into your device settings and turn notifications back on. Also, please make sure to clear cache from Safari in your device settings. If this doesn’t work, uninstall the game, reinstall and make sure all notifications are on both in game and in your device. - Emily
  4. And of course you can access game play info under ‘statistics’ in live game play as well. -Emily
  5. Open up the game and click on Leaderboards and achievements. Then click on leaderboards. Anybody that you play with that you are friends on game Center with, will show up here as well as any gameplay stats you share (one on one, 2 player, etc.). I know there’s been a few issues with people adding new friends in Game Center after the last few updates, but I’d say poke around and see what you can do! And great ideas for future stats! It would cool to have a ‘stats’ feature on the homepage that broke everything down. I’m not sure how much work that would entail our fearless leader, but I love
  6. Luckily I’ve got an old game and I can rematch Robb!, so I’m including a screen recording to demonstrate how to end the game without penalty! Good luck! - Emily IMG_1824.MOV
  7. Unfortunately your choices in divination reflect what’s left in your rack, and if you only have some high scoring letters (like z, j, q,) to choose from and rewind, most folks will go with the rewind as those letters can be difficult to place. To that end, I also find it extremely frustrating to loose a large portion of the board due to an opponents dozens of shields and/or frost bombs. It should have been picked up in testing, not quite sure why it wasn’t. Now that the game is live I honestly cannot predict how Jeremy may be able to address this. My suggestion at this time would be to
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