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The Descent Into Chaos board is showing in the stats that I played outside of corruption when I don't think I did.  This has happened on the last 5 games this past week.  I managed to capture it on two different games. The other games I didn’t get screen shots of. 
On the game with Pojo8 I have a screen shot of the stats before I played, my letters on my turn and then a screen shot of the stats after my turn. I didn’t get a before on the game with Harmony because I was the first to play in this game. 









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@Ga Peach, this is a known bug caused by extra turn streaks (2nd bug reported by me in the main bug thread).  Essentially all of your tiles must remain in the light / corruption for ALL turns in the streak to avoid counting as outside the light / corruption each time it is checked.  The way to avoid it is to not play on any Extra Turns.  In fact, considering what you're trying to do, I would suggest adding whirlwinds and whirlpools to destroy the Extra Turns that this board starts with to avoid accidentally playing on them.

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