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Before it's time for development to start up again on the next world in the saga, I wanted to suggest a few tweaks to the game.  None of them effect game play, just the flavor around it.  They are offered as suggestions; I promise my feelings will not be hurt if they are all ignored. 😉


  • For consistency, add a "The Call to Adventure" section and move "Nukes Used" and "The Call to Adventure Wins" there.
  • For consistency, add a "The Fear of Darkness Wins" stat.  Even if there is not a behind the scenes stat currently tracking this, it can be computed by subtracting all of the other world wins from the overall "Games Won", but after the next world is added, this may not be possible.
  • Replace "Average Score" and "Weighted Score" on the in game statistics with "Win:Loss Ratio" (but leave in place at the top of "Finished Games")

Titles & Avatars:

  • Increase the size of the avatars in the selection list to full-size.  
    • The length of the list would not need to be increased if the avatars themselves were successively on opposite sides: left then right, then left again, etc.  
    • Right justifying the name of the avatar when the avatar is on the right would make it clear which name was which.  
    • As it is, I only get to see the full size image of an avatar when someone else I'm playing 2-player has it.  
    • It'd be nice to have a better view of the beautiful artwork.


  • Give a visual indication when an achievement requires an as-of-yet unreleased board.
  • Create achievements that award each of the world icons as avatars
    • The Fear of Darkness is already given out by "No Fear of Darkness" (and what made me want access to the others)
    • They could be the rewards attached to future monthly explorer boards
  • Create achievements that award a title for winning X (usually 100) games within a world
    • Adventurer is already awarded for The Call to Adventure
    • Elemental could be awarded for Jungle of the Elements
    • Journeyer and Sultan are already awarded for The Sands of Time
    • Mountaineer could be awarded for The Depths of Winter
    • Cthulhu could be awarded for The Fear of Darkness (I really want to use this title in conjunction with the Old One avatar)
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Hi Jeremy, 

I have a suggestion for a future update. When peaking, you can tell each player’s lanterns, FBs, and snowflakes since the icon matches the player’s color. However, for shields, the center shield icon is blue for all players. What do you think about changing the shield icon to reflect the player’s color?

you can see in my screenshot where I’m peaking. On the right side, there is a blue shield icon. However, you cannot tell whose shield it is since the shield icon is blue for all players.


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