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I played a whirlpool on ice under some white letters. I have the talent that my opponent does not get points from my whirlpool. However, during my opponent’s turn, they got points from my whirlpool. Is that correct, that opponents can get points from whirlpool for letters on ice, even though I have the talent that says they don’t get points? I’m blue and my opponent is orange in the screen shots below, thanks!




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3 hours ago, Jeremy Thomas Fuller said:

Not sure if I followed correctly, but remember that letters on Ice belong to the current player. So it sounds like it's working, but maybe I misunderstood.

Right, but I have the Going Swimming talent. So even if the letters on ice are my opponent’s, they shouldn’t get points from my whirlpool, right? My whirlpool is under the letters on ice. 

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If they are on ice, whirlpools, just like letters, belong to the player whose turn it is, not the person who played them.  So the "Going Swimming" talent is still doing it's thing, it's just that the whirlpool doesn't belong to you anymore.  This is specifically spelled out in the Armory entry for Ice under "The Freezing Effect of Ice", after already having discussed Snowflakes, Shields and Frost Bombs...


Other persistent action tiles played on Ice become owned by the current player. This includes Whirlpools, for example.  Any actions that hover on top of the board (such as Rain and Whirlwind) are not frozen, and remain owned by the player who played them.


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