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Poll: Fear of Darkness Mechanics and Action Tiles

Fear of Darkness Mechanics and Action Tiles  

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  1. 1. Which Fear of Darkness Mechanic/Action are your favorites? You may pick more than one, so pick the top ones that you enjoy the most. Then tell us why!

    • Moving Platforms
    • Witch/Bats
    • Haunted Letters/Ghosts
    • Dark Bombs
    • Corruption
    • Lanterns/Power Surgers
    • Divination
    • Tarot Cards

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I can't decide I love them all. Of the action tiles, I like Divination the best! For years people have asked to be able to pull out action tiles that they want at the beginning of the game. Now we can! With the Double and Triple Reserves Talents, we can pull out a Divination to get whichever actions tiles we've yet to get to when we need them. I like to save one Divination until the end of the game to pull out wild cards to use up all those pesky constants that like to dwell until the until the end! 

If I have to chose a mechanic, I choose moving platforms. When we were alpha testing the very first basic platform, I could barely  imagine all the cool ways this tech has been used. It's amazing. The funnest way to watch it in action is that star on the Orchid board, especially when the star changes places with a piece of ice or snow. It is an amazing mechanic and has made the game seem so much more alive. 

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I find that I’ve used a divination the most for the same reason y’all stated. I like being able to pull out a needed tile. The ghost are fun. Love the tarot cards. Bats are pesky which make them fun. 

I like the fact many of the boards move. It makes you feel like you get different boards each time you play. 

Theres still so much I haven’t learned and so much more to these boards that I look forward to learning about. 

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Good post, Melodie! I haven't really played, due to total lack of time (my life is crazy in a good way), which is why I implicitly trust all you fine people to tell me when something isn't fun. (Looking at you, Alisoun, among many, many others!)

But I think the favorite mechanic I did for this world is also Moving Platforms. It was something I wanted to accomplish for many, many years, and I finally pulled it off. And more importantly, I implemented it in a way that the engine really understands and is very easy to code for and maintain. That's key! The Wheel of Time, the precursor to this type of tech, was very kludgy and hard to work with. This new tech is super, super advanced. (You can see the exact movement from The Wheel of Time re-implemented using the new tech in Couple's Skate. The effect is different, to be sure! That's because Wheel of Time actually does a whole bunch of custom magic to rotate that board in a nice, even circle. We won't be doing that again.)

It's also a little-known fact, but getting Moving Platforms right required me implementing something I call "conveyor belt" technology. It's the ability to animate things onto the board from off-screen, something the engine MOST DEFINITELY AND EMPHATICALLY couldn't do, haha. I had to install some pretty interesting tech to make it do that. The result, on boards like Elm Street and Portal to Beyond, is quite hard to code. But the effect...boy, does it work. I'm so proud that I managed to pull that off. There were many sleepless nights and restless days figuring all this shit out, suffice to say.

I'm glad The Fear of Darkness ended up fun. It's a tech-heavy world, to be sure—the culmination of many years of dreams of what a word game really could be.

Thanks for helping make it perfect!

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Absolutely love the Haunted Letter  - I seem to be one of those rare beings that always did seek out the - sorry, can’t remember its proper name - glowing letter in previous worlds and exploit t to the best of my ability.

I enjoy seeing the dark boards light up with lanterns and, of course, they are indispensable on the Blackout board. Surges are fun too, though I sort of miss that brief, happy interlude when they were bugged! 😂

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