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In regard to talents, please make sure you are set at your max level. You can check by going into options and selecting ‘jump to max level’. 

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In these difficult times, with many of us stuck in our homes, sometimes all you need is a little worldwide word destruction. So to that end, I've decided to release the fifth world early.


Subscribers can experience 16 haunting new boards, featuring Darkness, Moving Platforms, Bats, Ghosts, the Wicked Witch, Corruption, and more! Test your skills with all-new action tiles: Lantern, Power Surge, Dark Bomb, and Divination! Reveal Tarot Cards to increase your score even further. Even more talents, achievements, avatars and titles await you in the dark. Explorers unlock 16 additional boards (12 of which are unlocked monthly) for a total of 32 new boards in this release.

Challenge your friends and foes alike with some of the most mind-bending content this game has ever seen! Can you defeat the Dark Lord and conquer the Abyss? We are about to find out.

Update now from the App Store to experience this scary new adventure. I hope to see you there!

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I must be doing something wrong - I download it from the App Store and everything looks the same as before testing.  I’m aware certain boards will appear each month, but my talents show 8.  Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong or missing something.  If it was mentioned- accept my apology.  I’ve been through a broken knee on mom then 2 wks later she had a stroke.   That’s been my cause of being slow to some and I’m sorry. 

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